My skin whitening dillema
If you are like me whoís been looking for the best beauty products here in Singapore, Iím telling you thereís a lot. The thing is how you would know if the product that you will buy would suite your skin type. Even though thereís a lot of beauty product out in the market. The entire brand was here with different prices but what matters the most, would it be friendly for our skin?

I have been frustrated to achieve white skin all my life. I am staying much in the air-conditioned room, bringing umbrella to avoid the sun, buying papaya soap, scrubbing, milk bath and a lot more. My skin will get a little fairer but when I walk out on the sun again the true color will reveal. haha Its quite funny because after all those that I have done it would end up nothing.

I have read a lot regarding the factor that would affect skin darkening. I have studied the probable cause of pigmentation. Now I understand that it is not enough for me to just rely on the topical product. I need to seek professional help for that.

Iíve tried to find out what is the best whitening lab here is in Singapore, most of the people Iíve encountered would tell to try some skin whitening treatment. I got curious thatís why I asked my friend what is that. I searched the internet and it stated that they are using all natural ingredients and that sounds good to my ears. I am really looking forward to have my skin whiten.
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